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Knockout Car Wash
Western Avenue Location

Guilderland, NY

C2 was retained to provide architectural design and construction drawings for a new 7,118 square foot car wash on a three-acre site located in Guilderland, New York. The new car wash features modern cleaning and water-saving technologies that are environmentally friendly. The 180-foot express car wash can wash nine cars at one time. The car wash also has 24 vacuum stations positioned in front of the building.

The owners wanted to provide customers with an experience while in their car. Inside the car wash, a colorful, light display system was installed, creating a show atmosphere.

  1. Industry: Retail

  2. Year Completed: 2020

  3. Size: 7,118 SF

  4. Services Provided:
    Architectural Design
    Construction Drawings


The client also received tax incentives from the Guilderland Industrial Development Agency that were used to make significant improvements to the property including a four-way traffic light and new curb cut on the heavily traveled road.