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C2 Design Group

Schenectady, NY

The business owners had outgrown their existing space in downtown Schenectady but faced the challenge of where to locate their growing business. After discussions with the City of Schenectady and the Town of Glenville, it became apparent that buying land within the Schenectady County Airport Business Park would be the firm’s next move.

Planning discussions focused on evaluating the size of the footprint, sun exposure, and traffic flow. The client wanted a unique building to reflect the business it would soon house. The client desired the use of sharp lines, natural materials, and sustainable elements that required the designer to integrate these concepts early on. Introducing a design-build method of construction created challenges for the owner, designer, and contractor. Teamwork and coordination played an important role in taking this project from concept through completion.

The interior features an open space design with plenty of natural daylighting, several dedicated collaboration spaces, and a modern kitchen with a waterfall-style center island for employees to gather around. The finishes selected accentuate a clean aesthetic and the light within the space. An angled line on the interior brings the eye into the entire space from front to back. Lighting, finishes, and interior layout considerations emphasize this. Floor finishes mimic the angled line soffit that starts at reception and continues to the back of the building. Carefully considered placement of glass walls and lighting highlights the angled line within the space.

  1. Industry: Commercial

  2. Year Completed: 2019

  3. Size: 15,000 SF

  4. Services Provided:
    Architectural Design
    Construction Drawings
    Construction Administration


Lighting plays an important role not only in design, but in the sustainability goals that the client had. LED fixtures with occupancy sensors allow the client to monitor the electrical energy consumption of the building. Solar panels on the roof provide the building enough energy to offset the electrical energy costs.

The addition of Nest thermostats allows the client’s mechanical system to adapt to changing seasons and occupants’ schedules. Monitoring the mechanical system allows the owner to limit energy consumption, when possible. These design elements support the client’s goal of having an electric net zero building.

The new headquarters features modern elements with natural materials. Large wood glulam structure, stained wood siding, and stone elements bring in natural elements with a modern flare. Large windows offer natural light to the inhabitants. The focus of clean line design calls out the attention to detail and quality throughout the design and construction phases.