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C2 Design Group News

August 29, 2022

C2 Celebrates Third Annual "iT" Week

Last week, C2 celebrated its third annual "iT" week. During iT week, we planned team-building activities to celebrate and promote our firm’s culture.

Every year, we attempt to improve upon last year's fun-filled activities while also finding ways to enhance the team's overall project and firm knowledge.

We take employee feedback seriously. At C2, staff ideas are valued and experiences are shared. We incorporated suggestions that would unify our team, connect with community, and create long-lasting memories. 

If you followed C2 on our social media platforms, you know that we have our work cut out for us next year as far as coming up with ideas to top 2022! 

On Monday, team members were gifted custom C2 drawstring bags, apparel, stickers, and a surprise gift. A new team picture was taken in our new C2 apparel featuring our growing team of 14 employees!

For breakfast, the staff enjoyed healthy and delicious bowls from Bare Blends. Post office hours, the team was treated to a private yoga session led by Lynn. The 60-minute flow class got the blood moving and helped release tightness in the body.

On Tuesday morning, staff started their day by sipping on coffee and tea (both hot and iced). In the afternoon, the folks from DalTile had the ice cream truck sent to our office. The C2 crew stayed cool with ice cream bars and Italian ice.

The C2 team later made their way to the Regional Food Bank's Latham warehouse to sort and pack a variety of donated hygiene products and cleaning supplies. We always enjoy participating in volunteer events that we know have a significant impact on the greater community. Following the volunteer event, staff re-fueled on appetizers and cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory.

On Wednesday, the team was visited by our friends at SUNY Schenectady. Staff sampled a mix of juices and cookies from two SUNY Schenectady alumni-owned businesses.

Nothing says summer like Barbeque! Staff enjoyed a lunch spread that included brisket, pulled pork, chicken, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, beans and cornbread.

On Thursday, the C2 crew traveled north to visit Active Ingredient Brewing Company for a project tour and to sample their awesome beers and ciders. Staff had a chance to walk through the brewery and learn about the beer making process while sipping on suds.

Friday was the last day of C2 iT week and definitely a day our team won't soon forget. Team members participated in a cornhole tournament, played C2 trivia, and went fishing for cash.

Cornhole tournament and trivia winners selected from a slew of epic prizes including a 1,600-piece Ferrari Lego set, an Rtic hard cooler, an Rtic soft cooler bag, a Craftsman tool kit, Ember Mugs, gift cards, bottles of wine, tequila and bourbon whiskey.

To top it all off, we feasted on pizza and wings and celebrated Joe A's birthday with cake!

What a week!