Phillips Hardware

C2 Architecture is in the process of designing a new space for Phillips Hardware in Altamont, New York. The proposed conversion and development of the Phillips Hardware Route 158 site will be highly impactful for the Altamont community. The new complex will serve as a hub for business, entertainment, recreation and living spaces in the area, fostering the community’s economy and growth.

C2 has provided a design and overall aesthetic for the core shell of the mixed-use building that will not only accommodate space requirements and occupant needs, but also serve to draw in businesses, patrons and occupants to the area. The complex will be home to a Phillips Hardware store, Phillips Hardware corporate offices, a convenience/fast food area, including a Dunkin Donuts, and apartment units. Our design will also include and take into consideration a fully-equipped athletic complex with soccer fields and conditioning areas that will live directly behind the building.

Project Type: Mixed-Use Building

Location: Altamont, NY

Year Completed: Currently in Progress