Northeastern Fine Jewelry

Located on upper Union Street in Schenectady, New York, the addition to Northeastern Fine Jewelry provided 5,400 SF of retail and office space to the franchise headquarters. The addition allowed for almost double the existing retail square footage and also addressed the need to expand the office space for a fast growing company. The existing configuration of office space was quite congested both in organization and size of spaces. The renovation and addition aimed to clean up the clutter and provide an open plan on all levels. The second-floor offices were upgraded, and a new centrally located conference room now acts as not only a focal point in the space, with its curving glass walls, but also as a connecting element between the new and old structures.

Special considerations were made in isolating sound transmission from the office spaces so the ground floor retail area would not hear the movement of persons above. An innovative roof deck using the latest technologies in roof deck construction covers the main roof with vegetative planters incorporated within the deck structure. The fa├žade became an extension of the existing, matching roof lines and details as to not take away from the existing architecture. A large storefront window was provided to allow transparency from the street to the interior and sufficient natural lighting to the interior display areas.

Project Type: Retail & Restaurant | Architectural Design & Construction Administration

Location: Schenectady, NY

Size: 5,400 SF

Year Completed: 2012