Our process-driven approach gets results.

C2 offers something that not many agencies can…a uniquely personalized approach. We do more than study and learn your brand standards. We immerse ourselves in and become a part of your brand’s team. We work with you, not for you. We tell your story, not ours. And we create things that serve a purpose…to gain immediate and lasting results for your brand.

Each client is different and in need of something unique. However, our process-driven four-step approach remains consistent and allows us to be efficient and effective (of course, leaving enough room for creativity) no matter what the task may be.


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Here's where we get to know you and discuss what you and your brand are looking for in a marketing partner.


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We research and explore the ins-and-outs of your brand - from your design standards, to your target audiences, and more to ensure that we capture the true essence of your brand.


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Here's where we put our talents to use to create something beautiful, meaningful, impactful, and most importantly, in harmony with your vision.


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Taking our finished product to the streets, we carefully select the appropriate audiences and channels, tracking all coverage so that you can see the real results of our work.